Monday, May 23, 2016

Marilyn Outfits on People

Im sure ive shared some of these before but thought id put them all together, i love seeing the final product on a person it's so much more real than just the dress form. Id love to have a local model on call to get photos before things go out in the mail but there usually isn't time for that so i have to wait and see if anyone sends pictures once things arrive. Everything shown here was made by me photos curtesy of each individual client. With the exception of two images of myself ;-)



Friday, May 20, 2016

Love Goes Wrong Skirt Suit - Marilyn Monroe

The  "When Love Goes Wrong'' Skirt Suit! I was pretty excited to get to make this suit again, I worked out some of the earlier kinks and added some more support to the collar to give it that wonderful curve. I used a stretch suiting in a lovely charcoal grey and its fully lined in stretch satin with some serious shoulder and bust structure that I hadn't done before but i think was worth it.  I also changed the hidden closure making it more secure. Below the actual suit worn by Marilyn Monroe in ''Gentlemen Prefer Blondes''

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Marilyn Monroe Life Dress

 This was a custom request dress, styled after the Ceil Chapman dress Marilyn Monroe wore on the cover of Life Magazine. The base is a stretch satin with bra cups, side zipper, the over fabric is a white knit fabric gathered and draped with a side slit. 3/4 Sleeves also gathered. The Original dress was meant to be worn on the shoulders but of course Marilyn wore them pushed off for a sexier look, this dress can also be worn either way :-)

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Marilyn Monroe Shelf Bust Wiggle Dress

Such a classic little black dress, strapless with tulle shelf bust detail, matching fabric belt. Made using a black stretch satin, nude bust lining with dotted tulle overlay.
Styled after one of Marilyn Monroe's own dresses, probably was originally silk. See below for inspiration photos :-)

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Aliexpress Stolen Photos 2016

Once again I found my photos and work being used to sell ''similar style dress'' on Aliexpress, I love the disclaimer on their own listings that says

''Each listing is for making you an item which is about 90% like the item in the photos we have provided''

''about 90%'' the same lol, so not even a whole 90% just somewhere around that much. Im afraid to see what it would actually look like.
This has become an increasingly frustrating issue internet wide as i'm sure i've mentioned this isn't the first time i've had my images stolen to sell second rate Chinese goods. I went through this same thing with Aliexpress last year over my images of the Audrey Oscar Dress and the Marilyn Orange Mermaid Gown with DHgate before that. The first time they cropped out my watermarking adding their own, after that they just left mine on the photos and added theirs as well, so that obviously isn't stopping them.

Unfortunately Aliexpress has changed the report process  ''to decrease dishonest reports'' making it difficult to sign in  (saying my info is wrong but allows me to sign in without issue if not using the report link. Coincidence? doubt it!) I repeatedly had issues uploading pictures even though they were the correct size, the site didn't want to work and I had to come back several times. Also odd wording, wanting ''tidbits'' as pictorial proof but no where does it say exactly what a tidbit is (They want unedited/un-watermarked photos from the same shoot, item and location, that are unpublished/not being used in the suspects listing) Making the whole process take nearly 3 weeks to get my photos removed when before it had been a matter of days. As if i have time for that kind of crap.
Clearly they know ''stolen pictures'' is a problem as they have a link for it but they don't seem to be very interested in actually doing much about it. When dealing with this the first couple times I searched all over and couldn't find much info about the process of reporting, what could be done, what they were looking for as proof, etc. So i hope this helps some of you, if you sell on Etsy i suggest to check now and then if your work and photos have been taken, if they aren't stolen now it is probably only a matter of time sadly. Best of luck out there!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Grace Kelly's Blue Chiffon Gown- To Catch a Thief

 Styled after the gown worn by Grace Kelly in Alfred Hitchcock's ''To Catch a Thief'' Made using a blue crepe satin and two shades of blue chiffon. After checking the local shops and all the online fabric shops i could think of I was only able to find a light blue and an almost royal blue chiffon with the yardage i needed, i would have loved to have been able to get a lighter shade for the contrasting chiffon giving it that more subtle look of the original but still love the look with the darker chiffon. The shoulder drape is removable and can snap on to the shoulder strap with a thread loop. The bodice is fully lined with boning support and bra cup. The back wraps and hooks. There are several layers of fabric making this dress surprisingly heavy, though it looks like it would be super light it actually weighed almost 3lbs once finished.

I am finally getting to the end of my orders for this year, some may have noticed my etsy shop is on ''vacation'' mode until January. I will be back taking orders again then, don't worry! I have also been listing lots of vintage clothing items in the other shop Psychedelic Pinup also on Etsy, check it out! :-)

Friday, August 21, 2015

Marilyns Royal Blue Wiggle Dress & Bolero - Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

 Updated version of the blue wiggle dress and bolero from "Gentleman Prefer Blondes'' in a stretch blue suiting with back invisible zipper. I am always adjusting and improving my patterns so they can be the best fit possible, with this one i adjusted the collar pieces, simplifying the shape by making two of the smaller parts one so there is less bulk at the neck and changing how i place the boning to the inside seam to keep the collar upright. little things that aren't super obvious on the outside but make the piece more comfortable and easier to construct.