Saturday, June 25, 2011

Bridesmaids Dresses

I have been working on bridesmaids dresses...
I made the brides dress a few months ago through Etsy and she asked if i would make dresses for her girls as well. I got the fabric from a great seller on Etsy Fallaloft she was super sweet, she has some lovely silk brocades.

on a side note i just ordered this pattern im pretty excited to try it out :-)
its very 90s but that's almost vintage now, which is weird.

and i decided to draw up my own measurement diagram


  1. WOWZA! That is such a beautiful dress!!!

  2. Ahhh those bridesmaid dresses are GORGEOUS. I really do like your designs, Esther! :) And sweet measurement diagram!

  3. its very 90s
    but that's almost vintage now
    which is weird

    HEY! That's a haiku. heheheheheehehe.