Thursday, December 1, 2011

Joan Ruffles Dress

This is a fun work appropriate dress, made from stretch navy blue cotton sateen with collar and cuff ruffles lined in white. I used my favorite vintage pattern for the body and draped the front collar, each side being one and a half circles with a shoulder seam for the back of the collar, each cuff is one circle. Great dress, has the 50's wiggle with a little 60's flair :-)


  1. Everything you touch turns to gold Esther! Love it!

    xoxo Jessa

  2. Oh, I LOOOOVE this one. Brilliant!

  3. I am about to start making a version of this myself, and it seemed straightforward, but I got stuck on the collar. I was asking around The Sew Weekly in case anyone had an idea if it was a circular ruffle (or 1.5 circles, or 2, etc.) for the front section, and a member directed me here.

    What a great version! Did you interface the collar with anything? I'm asking because I'm concerned that an interfacing may take away from the beautiful drape of the waves. I hope you don't mind, but I may message you if I get stuck at some point!


    1. HI Vicki,
      The collar is not interfaced, it wouldn't drape as well with interfacing. The front collar is made up of 4 small circles total (you would cut two on folded fabric) with a CF seam, shoulder seam and another seam halfway between the two. The back is cut as a standard collar. I hope that helps! i don't mind questions :-)