Monday, August 13, 2012

Renaissance Wedding Gown & Bridesmaids Dresses

This dress started out with several sketches and fabric swatches all chosen to fit with the outdoor ''Robbin Hood'' theme wedding. She wanted a dress that would make her look and feel like Maid Marion. We ended up combining the two sketches into one dress made with an ivory brocade with chiffon center front and sleeves like the second image but with the off the shoulder neckline of the first sketch. Since the dress is off the shoulder internal structure was necessary, so boning was placed in each seam through the bodice. The dress lacing in the front and back is adjustable so fitting was easy to adjust to her preference. The lace up sleeve is removable with a full flowy sleeve under. Since it is a summer wedding she wanted short bridesmaids dresses. The purple brocade is a lovely pop of color with faux silk front panel for texture contrast. The girls had the option of going with or without the chiffon under blouse with sleeves. I used the same gold trim on the bridesmaids as the bridal dress down the front and on the sleeves to keep them looking more matched. The bridesmaid dresses lace up the back with a modesty panel, to the dresses can be adjusted to suit their comfort.

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