Sunday, December 30, 2012

Updated Marilyn Monroe Hallway Dress- Seven Year Itch

 I found a few better pictures of the Hallway Dress from 'The Seven Year Itch' below So I updated my pattern, re-drafting the front drape detail so that it curves from the high hip down the front with a center godet and the waist now points in the front. I will be offering this version in my Etsy shop Morningstar84  as soon as i'm back from my break in January :-)
 All images above showing my work belong to Morningstar84 and may not be used in anyway without permission.


  1. Great job, I wish I could me these beautiful dreses, I really like the nude one 'jfk's bday' dress, so pretty!
    Please keep posting I would love to see more.

    And here is my make up blog:

  2. Can i buy the pattern? I have been trying to find a similar pattern for over a year now.