Thursday, September 5, 2013

Alfred Hitchcock-Psycho-Janet Leigh Dress

 This shirtwaist dress was a custom order, she wanted a dress like the one worn by Janet Leigh in the classic Alfred Hitchcock film ''Psycho''. Instead of a wool dress fabric like the original she chose a lighter weight blue bengaline. The dress features a high narrow collar with pearly buttons down the front. The sleeves are cut long with a wide hem that folds up creating a cuff. The skirt is a full 2 widths of fabric gathered at the waist, with the seams in the center back and center front. A wide fabric covered belt finishes off the look. Below are the pictures I used to create the dress above ;-)


  1. I always liked that dress that Janet Leigh wore in Psycho, and wondered what color it was. I would like to have one made, or just buy one if I could find one somewhere. I wear a size 4 or 6. Would you call that color cobalt blue, bluish-gray? Thank you for any help you can assist me with.

    1. HI Colette, i believe it was just called blue but it is a bit to the grey. It is something that could be made again however im booked up until next year so that may be a bit long to wait :-)

    2. Thanks, Esther--it was great hearing from you! Next year is OK by me. I would like to have the dress made in rayon and something, not wool or 100% cotton. You know, to wear in Spring and Fall, dry-clean type. How much approx. would it cost to have it made? I have always loved that dress since I first saw the movie in 1960.

    3. A custom dress like this would be in the $155-$165 range id have to check fabric and get some size info, You can email me directly at if you'd like to discuss :-)