Sunday, November 23, 2014

Vogue 6639 As A Wedding Dress

It has been over a month since i blogged due to my computer dying and trying to finish up the last orders of the year. Things are finally starting to calm a bit, just in time for the holidays craziness.
 This was one of my favorites from this year,  I was sent this vintage Vogue pattern 6639 from the late 40s, along with some lovely silk and silk crepe to make a wedding dress. The pattern required resizing, so i traced it and resized from there ( i don't like to mess up vintage patterns) despite all the adjustments made it turned out beautifully. I had to significantly increase the bust size and also lowered the neckline a couple inches, so the collar would still fall at the same level on the bust line.The entire dress is under lined in cotton broadcloth to support the silk and give it more body. The chiffon is sewn to the silk skirt at the waist and pleated together but hemmed separately for more movement. There is also a lovely ivory scalloped lace trimming the collar.
You can see the dress suits her very well, she did a great job choosing the style and fabrics.

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  1. Esther you did a mighty job on this dress and it was a beautiful day, thanks X

  2. Esther, Theresa made a beautiful bride. So many people commented on the day how beautiful her dress was. She looked absolutely stunning.