Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Audrey Hepburn's Oscar Dress- Variations

 One of the most classic dresses ever worn is the ivory lace dress worn by Audrey Hepburn when she accepted her Oscar. It has been a favorite style for modern brides looking for a vintage flavor but i get requests for modifications now and then and thought id share s few of the variations. The photo above is a dress i made using all white materials instead of ivory and i did a full back in lace with a V-neckline instead of the double straps.

 Another variation to this style was to make the lace top removable with a button back and to add elbow sleeves to be worn for the church ceremony and after remove the 'jacket' to show a strapless sweetheart dress for the reception. With this one i used a linen fabric and a cotton and nylon embroidered lace.

I also ran across this image below which is almost exactly the same style except is has what looks to be a halter front with a higher neckline in the lace and i love the addition of the elbow length gloves!

below is the actual dress on display that Audrey wore for comparison :-) 

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