Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Vintage Repurposed Blue & Peach Dresses

Both of these dresses are made from vintage materials!

The blue polkadot ''Cupcake Dress'' is made entirely out of a 50s square dance skirt
the top ruffle had some stains and light faded spots so i removed it and there was just enough undamaged to make a bodice. I shortened the other two ruffles from the top and re-gathered them. i added some white cotton trim, also vintage to the top and a white satin ribbon at the waist. The only new things were the zipper and elastic :-)

The second dress i finished was this cute Peach & Pink Dress i removed the pink crochet yoke from a vintage night gown that was in bad shape but the yoke was just fine. I had this lovely vintage peach cotton and some cute vintage pink rickrack and ribbon. There is a new zipper in the back seam but thats it!
I love using old things to make something new, i pretty happy with the results and cant wait to get started on the next revamp/restyle/re-purpose project :-)

other dresses are also available at my Etsy shop Morningstar84


  1. Wow. Very pretty. I really need to improve my sewing skills. :-)