Saturday, May 25, 2013

Maternity Tank Top- Pinup Style

 I finally made something for myself! I have been so busy with everyone's orders i haven't gotten around to making anything until now. I am now quite obviously prego so I had to modify my dress form a bit, lol you can see her above. I used my 'above bust' measurement to choose the best form for my new physique and added to the bust and belly. I also put one of my bras on the dummy so i could make sure the top would cover everything. I then draped the top using broad cloth, then i made the pattern. I used some stretch cotton poplin fabric i had hanging around and did a sweetheart neckline with gathers at the center front bust. empire waist with little darts above the belly in the 'skirt' portion of the front. I made the back with a center back seam and darts with elastic across the top and in line with the empire waist to pull it in a bit. The whole thing stretches enough to get on and off comfortably without needing a zipper. It went together pretty easily with just a few adjustments, took just few hours from start to finish. Its pretty cute on much more A-line from the empire waist down. The pillow isn't the best belly shape but you get the idea :-)

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