Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Girl Cant Help It- Navy Blue Dress-Jayne Mansfield

     This dress is styled after the dress worn by Jayne Mansfield in the movie ''The Girl Cant Help It'', there aren't a lot of great pictures of her in the dress, i had to watch the scene of her wiggling her way down the street quite a few times to figure out the dress details.
     The dress above I made a couple years ago using a pique knit fabric that is self under lined. Below is the same dress in a larger size and this time i used a navy blue stretch bengaline suiting, as you can see it has a slightly shinier appearance when photographed, of the two fabrics i liked the bengaline better, it was easier to work with, though cutting the dress out the opposite direction on the fabric is still a little strange to me, since the stretch goes lengthwise. It feels so wrong!

All photos with the morningstar84 watermark my not be used without permission in anyway.

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  1. Very very cute! Jayne Mansfield wore so many adorable costumes. In particular I love her outfits from Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter. It's so great to see your Hollywood re-creations!