Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Elizabeth Taylor- Cat On A Hot Tin Roof-Chiffon Dress

 This is a dress I just finished. I have a back log of dresses made in the past month or so that i haven't blogged about yet, i will be adding those soon.  I have been busy between my teething baby and orders.

My client chose a plum chiffon with a plum satin lining. The waist has some elastic at the seam to allow for a baby bump as well as some extra holes in the belt to make fitting easier to adjust. The chiffon drapes along the V-neckline in one piece in the back, the front is draped in 4 pieces, though the original dress has the diagonal side drapes coming from the back piece (not as separately cut details) but its easier to alter later with normal side seams. The skirt is two full circles for the chiffon and one circle for the satin lining so there are side front and back seams in the chiffon. My Etsy shop Morningstar84

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