Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Aliexpress Stolen Photos 2016

Once again I found my photos and work being used to sell ''similar style dress'' on Aliexpress, I love the disclaimer on their own listings that says

''Each listing is for making you an item which is about 90% like the item in the photos we have provided''

''about 90%'' the same lol, so not even a whole 90% just somewhere around that much. Im afraid to see what it would actually look like.
This has become an increasingly frustrating issue internet wide as i'm sure i've mentioned this isn't the first time i've had my images stolen to sell second rate Chinese goods. I went through this same thing with Aliexpress last year over my images of the Audrey Oscar Dress and the Marilyn Orange Mermaid Gown with DHgate before that. The first time they cropped out my watermarking adding their own, after that they just left mine on the photos and added theirs as well, so that obviously isn't stopping them.

Unfortunately Aliexpress has changed the report process  ''to decrease dishonest reports'' making it difficult to sign in  (saying my info is wrong but allows me to sign in without issue if not using the report link. Coincidence? doubt it!) I repeatedly had issues uploading pictures even though they were the correct size, the site didn't want to work and I had to come back several times. Also odd wording, wanting ''tidbits'' as pictorial proof but no where does it say exactly what a tidbit is (They want unedited/un-watermarked photos from the same shoot, item and location, that are unpublished/not being used in the suspects listing) Making the whole process take nearly 3 weeks to get my photos removed when before it had been a matter of days. As if i have time for that kind of crap.
Clearly they know ''stolen pictures'' is a problem as they have a link for it but they don't seem to be very interested in actually doing much about it. When dealing with this the first couple times I searched all over and couldn't find much info about the process of reporting, what could be done, what they were looking for as proof, etc. So i hope this helps some of you, if you sell on Etsy i suggest to check now and then if your work and photos have been taken, if they aren't stolen now it is probably only a matter of time sadly. Best of luck out there!

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