Friday, May 27, 2016

Marilyn Monroe Costume Confusion and Photo Sharing

It has come to my attention some of my earlier un-watermarked photos have been circulating the internet as the actual costumes worn by Marilyn Monroe, even sparking some debate on social media about if it is or not in fact her dress. Or in other cases just being used and shared without credit or mention of where the photo originated. While flattering, amusing and a little annoying in the last case, I thought i'd share those photos and hopefully help clear things up. Its never been my intention to try to ''trick people'' into thinking these are the originals, I try to make each garment as close as I can with the clients specific measurements and their requested adjustments all taken into consideration. And for the sharing without permission or credit given, please don't, all you have to do is ask and put a link i'm very easy to talk to. If you run across any of my photos out there in the wild west of the world wide web, please let me know so i can put it straight :-)

             Found at

 This image from pintrest,  I have see used and pinned several times. The blue bow sleeve dress i originally posted about Here

And most reciently the Ivory Premier Dress,  found on Instagram

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