Monday, April 25, 2011

Brigitte Bardot

Though not as famous as say Marilyn Monroe, she has the kind of sexy that is just a little bit more girlie and cute. for a full bio you can check out this site,

I had her in mind when i restyled these dresses, I think they look like something she would have worn.

The Teal Dress
it was a skirt and boat-neck top that i opened up the shoulder seams and added spaghetti straps, side dart and the satin midriff. I removed the waist band and regathered the skirt onto the new waist piece and put in a side zipper. I love the way it came out, it would make a great swing dance dress.

The Green Dress
This was just a vintage skirt that i made a eyelet bodice for. i took off the waist band and regathered it to the new top. hand beaded along the top edge of the lace.

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  1. Beautiful designs! I'm in love with that white eyelet bodice x