Saturday, April 23, 2011

Vintage Sewing Patterns

These are just a few of the images of sewing patterns i have come across, many were already sold or far too expensive to purchase. i saved the images so that one day maybe i would get around to making my own pattern inspired from the picture. though at this point I'll never have time to make them all i just love the art work, i wish people still dressed like this.


  1. I agree with you that the artwork on vintage patterns is wonderful and is just so evocative of all that is wonderful about vintage clothing.Half the reason why I buy so many patterns is that I just get beguiled by the pictures!The second pattern down looks like a nice fun summer dress to wear and I also like the tight fitting number with the side hip detail in fifth one down.

  2. lol, i understand. i own far too many patterns mostly due to the cover image or some little detail i haven't seen before, i will probably never make even half of what i have but some how it makes me happy to know they are there, and to flip through them now and then.

  3. Haha I buy them for the same reason half the time :P
    I am a tattoo lover also, and I hope to have a half sleeve done on myself of all 1950s pattern models :)