Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Betty Draper Inspired Wiggle Dress

My inspiration for the Betty dress came from a bit of fabric i had in my stash, when i saw it, it just looked like her. But i didn't want to just copy her dress anyone can do that. I wanted something with her fashion sense, but a little more fun, so i added my own little twist. Here are a few pictures that i had in mind while designing.

Betty & Don Draper at dinner,
notice the brocade fabric of her dress.

The little bust bows on this dress gave me the idea.
for this,

The Halter Strap is Removable!

I made this dress with floral brocade and satin detailing.
When i saw this fabric i thought of Betty Draper but i wanted it to have a bit of a pinup spin, with the halter and bows above the bust, as well as the hip band. The vintage pin finishes it off nicely i think and it matches so well!
You can check it out at my Etsy shop.


  1. What a great dress and the colours work so well together.I love the bust and hip detail.Very nice!

  2. Wow that is lovely! The bows on the front and the back and the removable halter are such great touches!

  3. It's to die for! I love the back bustle like detail! What a perfect dress to wear to a cocktail party or the like! Beautiful!


  4. This is absolutely gorgeous! I love brocade fabrics, and the colours match so well! Good job, you! :D