Sunday, June 9, 2013

Something's Got to Give-Marilyn Monroe's Black & White Sarong Wiggle Dress

 These dresses I made last year and apparently forgot to post! Styled after the dress worn by Marilyn Monroe for the unfinished film ''Something's Got to Give'' in 1962. The first one is a cotton fern print fabric that was my first test of the dress. I later found this very light silk fabric with a larger floral print that i used the second time. I used bullet bra cups  and boning in the side seams. I am out of both fabrics and am on the look out for something that is closer the the original print used for the movie. There aren't a lot of pictures available of this dress just some costume test photos and film tests. I took some screen grabs from one of the film tests below so you can see the back of the dress. I watched this short test so many times trying to figure out where all the seams are and how its put together, i think my final design is pretty close, though id love to see the original dress i'm sure there is some detail that i'm missing!


  1. Your final version looks wonderful. The only difference I notice is that the flowers aren't completely black. The flowers on the original dress seem to be firstly outlined, then filled in with black stripes or laces, I'm not sure. Hope this helps you to get closer to get closer to the original. Other than that, it's truly amazing. I love the vintage style, it's so timeless and chic.

    1. thank you for your comment, yes i agree there is more going on in the print than just solid black flowers, hopefully i can find something like it one day!