Friday, August 30, 2013

Marilyn Monroe Gold Lame Dress-Simplified

 This is a simplified version of the famous gold lame dress Marilyn Monroe briefly wore in the film "Gentlemen Prefer Blonds'' you only see it from behind for a few seconds. To start with i found this pre-pleated lame fabric for a pretty good deal and thought id see how it worked for this dress, the pleat pattern is not the same as the original dress but it does give it that look. The bodice is lined with satin with boning and bullet cups sewn in, i also had some lingerie wires in a V shape, though they are only 2'' long on each side I put it in with some boning up the front to help support the neckline. The skirt is cut on the bias which was a trick with this fabric, the fabric doesn't hang the same way going the other direction so i had to fiddle with the seams a good bit. The front drape is only attached to the front of the dress and covers a walking slit in the skirt below. This is also not how the original dress was done but it was a bit easier to make this way. My sample dress was up briefly for sale on Etsy but has already sold :-)

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