Thursday, August 15, 2013

Restyled 80s/90s Party Dress

This dress was something that I started remodeling a while ago and never got pictures before i started, i know, i know i'm kicking myself too. BUT it originally had a high scoop neckline in front and short puffed sleeves that came about midway between elbow and shoulder, it was very 80's/90's looking and not in a good way.
So the sleeves were the first thing to go and then I changed the neckline. I had some lovely ivory Alencon lace trim that i added to the bust and around the hip. Then i added another, softer lace trim around the armholes, i also shaped the bodice a bit more taking it in at the arm hole so it didn't gap and i took the waist in a little for a less boxy shape. The dress already had a netting slip attached to give it the fullness, which was great! There were a few little snags in the satin skirt that i covered using little floral cutouts from the lace giving it a scattered applique look down the front sides of the skirt, i added a few that weren't needed to give it a more intentional look. Then i just added the ribbon tie at the waist and she was finished! I really like how this one turned out, its a totally different look than it was to start with, even though i dont have the original pics im sure you can imagine the before just a little. Now it has a retro wedding reception vibe to it and it's available for sale over at my Etsy shop!

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