Saturday, August 10, 2013

Stash Fabric Projects and Final Orders

 The two dresses above were custom orders I finished up about a month ago, Audrey Hepburn's ''Lace Oscar Dress'' and Marilyn Monroe's ''Chinese Theater Dress''

Even though i'm not taking new orders for a while and i'm officially on ''maternity leave'' now waiting for my little guy to arrive,  I still cant seem to get away from the sewing machine. Below are mostly things that i have made recently using fabrics that i had hanging around :-)

 This was a fun experiment with a cotton lettuce print fabric, a tie shoulder detail, button front and 3/4 sleeves

This was another fun project, using fabric i had in my stash, cotton print sailor themed fabric with white cotton twill for the skirt.

 This dress was a sample i made years ago and found in my vintage things, made with antique satin, both sides are used for contrast.

High waist white cotton twill pinup shorts with fun little ties on the sides, back zipper.

This was the last little bit of the suiting fabric that i used for the marilyn monroe wiggle dress, so i restyled the dress pattern into a top with the same bow and bust detail.


  1. Hi! I saw this dress and I get crazy! Sooo beautiful. Are uaking orders? Can u send ot to Brazil? My mail Thanks!

    1. Hi yes I do send to Brazil. I will be taking orders again in January. Which dress above were you interested in ?