Friday, October 5, 2012

Lindy Chamberlain Dresses Part 1

I have a lovely customer in Australia who loves the sun dresses worn by Lindy Chamberlain in the 1980s. This summer an Australian coroner made a final ruling in the death of baby Azaria Chamberlain, stating that a dingo had taken the child. A lot of footage showing showing Lindy in various court appearances and outfits, sparked interest in her fashion. Many of the dresses she is pictured in she made herself. I am working just from screen grabs and photos to recreate these dresses. Finding the best fabric and prints has been the most challenging as it usually is. These first two turned out well, below the pictures I have been working with and the final product.

This blue floral poly jersey halter wrap dress has a stretch satin lining in the bodice and skirt back. Bra cups and long wrap around ties.

This bright Hawaiian floral cotton/poly jersey dress has a stretch lining in the bodice, bra cups, front neckline facing, tie shoulders, full A-line skirt and invisible zipper in the center back seam.

Part 2

Thursday, October 4, 2012

''On The Town'' Ann Miller Green Dress

This dress was a custom request that i began offering as a made to size option over at my Etsy shop Morningstar84. I started using a vintage Hollywood pattern with princess seams that run from the shoulder to the hem. The cuffs had to be re-shaped for the little points and the neckline lowered. I then draped a wide bias band around the neck to create the collar. There are two pleats at the neckline front to help the collar curve around. If you notice there is actually a front collar drape that tucks under the corners of the collar hooking on the left side under the collar and the bow sits at the center. This detail could easily be omitted by just continuing the collar to the center front.
The first set of pictures were using the customers chosen fabrics, a green cotton twill with a silk crepe plaid lining. The silk fabric was very drapey and had to be adjusted and re-adjusted because it hung differently than the twill. It was quite a pain, i do not recommend using silk crepe as a lining for this dress. The second time I made the dress I chose the fabrics and went with a woven cotton plaid for the lining and it worked perfectly the first time with no drape problems. I interfaced the cuffs and the collar to help hold the shape. The dress and lining are sewn separately and then together at the hem and the front seams. The neckline and armholes are then sewn together, the collar attached and finished with a narrow bias binding. This dress takes a LOT of covered buttons but it really finished the dress off nicely. Possible extras are the hi-waist dance shorts, and the matching handbag :-)

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Marilyn Monroe Green & Purple Cummerbund Top

Styled after the top of the jumpsuit worn by Marilyn Monroe in Gentlemen Prefer Blonds. This top features a jersey knit long sleeve top, with deep V-neckline and bust pleating, attached is a ruched midriff of lavender satin cut on the bias with two tabs that hand down front the waist. Boning support around midsection, bra cups sewn into the under lining of the bust. Zipper zips from waist to high back. Very cute and versatile. I'm thinking this would be an amazing holiday top to mix and match with various hi-waist skirts and pants.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Somethings Got To Give-Rose Dress

This dress styled after the dress worn in the unfinished last film ''Something's Got to Give'' starring Marilyn Monroe. There are very few good pictures of this dress and with such a busy print its hard to tell exactly how the original dress was cut. I hunted for fabric for this dress for quite a while, i finally found this cotton print on Etsy from a seller located in India. Unfortunately there isn't anymore of this print as far as i know. My take on the dress has long side darts, that go from hip to bust. The back has a waist seam that dips slightly at the center, the back pleats and overlaps to create the draped effect with the cotton fabric. The dress is fully underlined in cotton, bullet bra cups and boning were added so the dress could be worn bra-less. A side zipper was a must with the back detail.

 Updated version 2013- Chiffon over cotton.

''The Birds'' Tippi Hedren Suit

This dress and coat set were styled after the suit worn by Tippi Hedren in Alfred Hitchcock's 'The Birds". She chose a teal blue/green wool instead of the original green shade used in the film. Sleeveless dress with side darts, bias finish on the jewel neckline. Wiggle skirt with front gathers and darts in back. Both the jacket and dress are fully lined. matching covered belt finished off the look, now all she needs are a few birds. This was a custom order at my shop Morningstar84 on Etsy.

Dirty Dancing 'Nobody puts Baby in a corner' Dress



Styled after the infamous pink dress worn in Dirty Dancing. Light pink chiffon fabric over satin, full circle skirt, drop waist, scoop neckline front and back. I added a back zipper instead of a side zipper, for a smoother silhouette, and easier to alter later if needed. I left off the little beading detail and lace around the hip band. bra cups are sewn inside and boning to the side seams so it could be worn without a bra.
Below the dress in Yellow and White with beaded trim around the neckline, and lace around the hip.
If you would like to have a dress made it is available in light pink at the link below, for other colors and details feel free to comment below or send me a message through Facebook or Etsy  :-)