Sunday, April 2, 2017

Customer Photos Spring 2017

 More Customer Photos! above is an adorable photo of my client getting engaged wearing her custom made Marilyn Monroe blue polkadot sundress! <3 
Below is a photo i found while moving of my two bridesmaid dresses i made years ago! she sent a thank you card along with an actual printed photo from the wedding!
Below is Kali wearing her custom made Marilyn cummerbund top and high waist pants, i offer both in my Etsy shop MorningstarPinup and my Website

Above was a one of a kind bikini made from vintage barkcloth fabric from the 1960s and a red stretch fabric i had on hand, purchased for a photoshoot. Purchased from my vintage shop Psychedelicpinup on Etsy

Another great photo of the Gold pleated lame dress styled after Marilyn Monroes dress in the film Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
This is also available for order through or Morningstarpinup on Etsy

 the dress below, shown in the shiny satin version and the matte version, styled after the dress worn by Marilyn Monroe in the Movie Niagara can also be ordered through either wed address :-)