Friday, August 21, 2015

Marilyns Royal Blue Wiggle Dress & Bolero - Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

 Updated version of the blue wiggle dress and bolero from "Gentleman Prefer Blondes'' in a stretch blue suiting with back invisible zipper. I am always adjusting and improving my patterns so they can be the best fit possible, with this one i adjusted the collar pieces, simplifying the shape by making two of the smaller parts one so there is less bulk at the neck and changing how i place the boning to the inside seam to keep the collar upright. little things that aren't super obvious on the outside but make the piece more comfortable and easier to construct.

And here are the pics of the first version i made back in 2012, it seems i never shared them before, oops! Made using a matte stretch satin fabric. I stopped using metal eyelets because they tend to pull out of the fabric when stressed and a belt is a high stress area even with the heavy belting.