Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Grace Kelly's Blue Chiffon Gown- To Catch a Thief

 Styled after the gown worn by Grace Kelly in Alfred Hitchcock's ''To Catch a Thief'' Made using a blue crepe satin and two shades of blue chiffon. After checking the local shops and all the online fabric shops i could think of I was only able to find a light blue and an almost royal blue chiffon with the yardage i needed, i would have loved to have been able to get a lighter shade for the contrasting chiffon giving it that more subtle look of the original but still love the look with the darker chiffon. The shoulder drape is removable and can snap on to the shoulder strap with a thread loop. The bodice is fully lined with boning support and bra cup. The back wraps and hooks. There are several layers of fabric making this dress surprisingly heavy, though it looks like it would be super light it actually weighed almost 3lbs once finished.

I am finally getting to the end of my orders for this year, some may have noticed my etsy shop is on ''vacation'' mode until January. I will be back taking orders again then, don't worry! I have also been listing lots of vintage clothing items in the other shop Psychedelic Pinup also on Etsy, check it out! :-)