Sunday, August 28, 2011

Marilyn Monroe Halter Niagara Dress

This dress is made from a stretch cotton blend, i draped the halter & collar and made a pattern. This was a sample to try out the pattern, and is available at sample discount price at my Etsy Shop. The front does not button, since with a fitted dress buttons gap and come undone. Zipper up the back with elastic across the top.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Butterick 5605 Wedding Dress

This custom wedding dress was made from a retro Butterick pattern, with the neckline changed to sweetheart instead of boatneck, the lace bodice is trimed with the scaloped edge from the lace around the neckline and sleeves. The satin skirt features 4 layers of fine tulle and a built in petticoat, the back zips with covered buttons covering the zipper flap and satin bow across the shoulders. The bodice is fully lined with boning support front and back, the hip bow has a removable red flower, to match the customers shoes and accessories :-)

Friday, August 26, 2011

Pinup Photos Plaid Two Piece

A few photos of one of my Retro Playsuits
Images by Autumn Luciano

Marilyn Monroe Diamonds Dress

I have made a version of this dress before, but this one is to have the black satin cuff on the bow, the skirt lining will also be black AND i'm making matching gloves! She chose the lighter pink satin since its closer to the original shade of pink, the technicolor image on film made the dress look more pink. The girl i'm making this for is a professional Marilyn impersonator, so it has to be right! I'm excited to be making this dress again, i have always loved recreating dresses from just a picture, its like solving a puzzle. Once i have it all together i'll post pictures :-)
Below is the dress i made a few years ago.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Wicked Wedding

This is an up coming project, the main fabric has been ordered and im awaiting it's arrival.
above are a few inspiration images from the actual Broadway show, the sketches and the fabric she picked are below. I'm pretty excited about this one, it should be fun, interesting and challenging. I cant wait to get started on it :-)

Monday, August 22, 2011

Marilyn Monroe Polkadot Wiggle Dress

I just finished this dress, it was a custom order from my Etsy shop, Morningstar84 i drafted the pattern and made it as close to the dress in the images as possible.
I used new cotton polka-dot fabric lined in white cotton. Pin tucks down the center panel of the skirt with gathers across the hip. The straps and front X are all one piece and are interfaced.
Boning support in the side seams, back zipper. The skirt hem flares out just a little since it has no back slit for walking.
I really love how this dress came out!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Metallic Pink Wiggle Dress

I just finished this dress yesterday, the fabric is a light pink metallic, suprisingly easy to sew.
I used a pattern that i drafted using a combination of draping and a vintage pattern.
I used some cream satin cut on the bias for the neckline/bust detail and the pin i found at a craft shop and matched perfectly. I lined the whole dress in cotton so it wouldn't be scratchy. This would be a great Christmas or New Years Eve Party dress. It is available over at my Etsy Shop, and i will be working on more holiday dresses in the near future, i cant wait! :-)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Butterick 5605

I finally made something for me, i had a wedding to go to and decided the morning of, to make something to wear that evening, i finished it just in time to get ready!
i really love how it turned out, though i did change a few things,

I shortened the sleeves, i dont like long short sleeves, i added a couple pleats to the front of the skirt, and make it a sweetheart neckline. I cut the ties in the back separately and I had to piece the skirt because i had about 1 yard less than the pattern said i needed. It went together easily though just had to take it in a bit at the shoulder seams and the sides.
I will be using the same pattern for a wedding dress soon and i'll be posting pictures of that when i get it going :-)

Projects From Forever Ago

I have been thinking about Halloween lately trying to figure out what to make this year. I worked as a costume designer for about three years in a costume shop and i still get that ''Halloween is just around the corner, i better get ready'' feeling as summer starts to wind down, so i thought id share just a few of the many costumes i have made over the years for different people :-)