Friday, August 26, 2011

Marilyn Monroe Diamonds Dress

I have made a version of this dress before, but this one is to have the black satin cuff on the bow, the skirt lining will also be black AND i'm making matching gloves! She chose the lighter pink satin since its closer to the original shade of pink, the technicolor image on film made the dress look more pink. The girl i'm making this for is a professional Marilyn impersonator, so it has to be right! I'm excited to be making this dress again, i have always loved recreating dresses from just a picture, its like solving a puzzle. Once i have it all together i'll post pictures :-)
Below is the dress i made a few years ago.


  1. Did you ever finish making the dress? I would LOVE to see what became of it! The above one is really beautiful, I love the color, and the material photographs beautifully. I as well am a Marilyn Monroe tribute artist and notice those small things such as the black trim on the bow, but this looks really nice, I would totally perform in this version! Anyways, would love to see if you finished it, please let me know.