Sunday, May 29, 2016

Marilyn Monroe's Jersey Knit Wiggle Dresses- AKA The Pucci Shift

This dress like many others I make through my Etsy shop Morningstar Pinup or my website was originally a custom request, based on the many jersey knit shift dresses and tops owned by Marilyn Monroe and designed by Pucci in the early 1960s, that made it into my regular style line. 
I know I have shared the customer photo of the green dress before but never got around to doing a post about the dress and the many, many colors Marilyn owned. The fabric would have been a silk jersey knit, which is something I can order but there are fewer colors to choose from and the synthetic jersey that i use is a bit more user and budget friendly, it can be machine washed (though i recommend hand washing to prevent picks to the fabric) and there are a lot of colors options at the moment. 
As you can see I've made a number of them. Its a very basic shape and no darts with the exception of the nude shift (you can see below the actual dress from the auction photos laying out flat with the belt) it has front and back darts as well as side bust darts. All the other dresses and tops do not have any darts as far as i can tell. 
Some of the original belts feature beaded tassel ends, though mine do not. The most complicated part is working with such a stretchy fabric, the pattern has to be sized down to account for the amount of stretch widthwise and every seam carefully sewn to avoid popped seams :-)

In Purple, shown along side an image of Marilyn wearing the top in a similar shade. 
Below a colorized image of Marilyn wearing the dress in Pink without the tie belt.

And a few more pictures of Marilyn and her many Pucci shift dresses, i love the multi colored one below. The last image is just a selection of some of Marilyn's Pucci collection.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Marilyn Monroe Pleated Shelf Bust Wiggle Dress

 I shared the lime green dress once before back in 2012 in a quick post about with several other items. Since then i've made the dress in several other colors and thought id do a post just for this one dress. Its one of Marilyn's earlier outfits seen only in a costume test photo, I have no idea what color the dress was originally, if anyone knows do let me know! Made using stretch satin, the dress features a pleated shelf bust with halter strap, buttons in the back with a tie under the bust, fitted midriff with an interesting front pleating detail and curved hemline. 

Friday, May 27, 2016

Marilyn Monroe Costume Confusion and Photo Sharing

It has come to my attention some of my earlier un-watermarked photos have been circulating the internet as the actual costumes worn by Marilyn Monroe, even sparking some debate on social media about if it is or not in fact her dress. Or in other cases just being used and shared without credit or mention of where the photo originated. While flattering, amusing and a little annoying in the last case, I thought i'd share those photos and hopefully help clear things up. Its never been my intention to try to ''trick people'' into thinking these are the originals, I try to make each garment as close as I can with the clients specific measurements and their requested adjustments all taken into consideration. And for the sharing without permission or credit given, please don't, all you have to do is ask and put a link i'm very easy to talk to. If you run across any of my photos out there in the wild west of the world wide web, please let me know so i can put it straight :-)

             Found at

 This image from pintrest,  I have see used and pinned several times. The blue bow sleeve dress i originally posted about Here

And most reciently the Ivory Premier Dress,  found on Instagram

Monday, May 23, 2016

Marilyn Outfits on People

Im sure ive shared some of these before but thought id put them all together, i love seeing the final product on a person it's so much more real than just the dress form. Id love to have a local model on call to get photos before things go out in the mail but there usually isn't time for that so i have to wait and see if anyone sends pictures once things arrive. Everything shown here was made by me photos curtesy of each individual client. With the exception of a few images of myself ;-)



Blue Bow Sleeve Dress