Friday, September 23, 2011

Marylin Monroe Dresses, a lot of them

I have been quite busy making Marilyn dresses lately, they have been quite a hit and very fun to make. I have loved these clothes for years and i finally have an excuse to make them! Here are some pics of what i have been working on, some of these dresses are available over on Etsy

This is made from a stretch satin matte side out, the color is just about perfect to the film color, though different than the image shot.

This dress is fabulous, though my dress form doesn't have Marilyn's curves

This dress i ended up doing hand beaded straps and waist band, the full length image was before the beads, it was a lot of work but i like the look better with the beading.

I have made two versions of this dress one with a shiny eyelet.
I'm not sure which one i like better, the shiny seems more Marilyn but the simple one seems more wearable...

This is a red cotton knit fabric with sleeves that can be worn on or off the shoulder,
and a stretch twill skirt with stretch satin lining, it wraps in front and buttons.

This dress is made from a light yellow crepe backed satin, matte side out. I draped the top and used a vintage pattern for the skirt.

And lastly this dress is made from a white stretch satin.

this site has a bunch of Marilyn photos