Sunday, June 17, 2012

Brocade Pinup Wedding Dress & Bridal Photos

This dress is a full length version of a dress i designed a couple years ago.
It is made of cream/champagne poly brocade fabric with ivory bridal satin, ivory tulle and lace.
I found extra strong bridal invisible zippers. I have never put in an invisible zipper before because they are usually not strong enough to last. So i was happy to find some stronger zippers meant for bridal gowns. The zipper went in pretty easily and since most of the wedding you have your back to the audience I though I would remove that distraction. It is fully lined, cut with a straight skirt and back slit. The bodice has boning to the high hip to keep the silhouette smooth. Bridal photos courtesy of the bride herself they may not be used with out permission.
This dress is available as a custom gown at my Esty shop


  1. Wow this is stunning! Great tip about the extra strong zips

  2. Can I ask where you found the extra strong bridal zippers and if they come in other colors? I'm tired of cheap invisible zips breaking on me and would like something sturdier. Thanks!

    1. Yes i got them from i think they only come in white and ivory thought.

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