Friday, May 31, 2013

Faux Bikini One Piece Pinup Swimsuit

 Aqua Spandex with Green Stretch lace overlay. Bodice and panty lining, Bra cups sewn into top with boning support in bust, halter tie at neck, Elastic finishes all edges. Faux Bikini front with high-waist bottoms full coverage legs. This is a style that i have always liked and wanted to figure out a pattern for but i never had the time until recently. I used some left over spandex fabric and lace i had in my stash to try it out. I think i will be doing some variations on this later and offer it as a custom suit next summer. Below are some great vintage suits in the same style. I don't know where these pictures below originated except for the green suit (link has been included) The others are being used as inspiration images only i do not own the rights to them.


  1. Again you read my mind . I have been working on this style suit for my self and had a problem with the bust support. I wonder if its possible to insert an under bust binning in this style. What do you think? You also don't use a zipper in yours, that's seems not always to work with my hip waist difference ( the waist is about 30 cm smaller). The inspiration images all have zippers and some rushing I think.

    1. I put a casing for the boning in the lining of the bust the runs top to bottom across the center of the cup, that helps keep it from scrunching up and keeps the curved shape, then i put in the bra cup in behind the boning. Very much like the top on the aqua Marilyn swimsuit that i made earlier. For more support you could add a more structured bra type lining, with a band that would sit directly under the bust and run straight across to the side seams, kind of like a shelf bra and that would help pull the center of the top tighter against the body. If i hadn't used spandex for this i would have done a zipper. I did use a center back zipper in the red satin Marilyn suit because the stretch satin didn't stretch enough. If you do go with a zipper add a little fabric flap behind it so you don't zip your skin! you may also want to consider back darts that will help with the waist to hip difference if your fabric isn't stretchy enough or if it feels loose around the middle. I hope that helps a little bit. Good luck! id love to see how your project turns out :-)