Monday, December 8, 2014

Little Black Pinup Dress

 I used a stretch faille bengaline fabric, which has the stretch running lengthwise which is a bit unusual, most fabrics stretch width wise or both ways so it requires laying the fabric out in the other direction. I lined the dress with stretch satin and i made the ''sleeves'' using a soft dotted mesh. I had to use a black nylon to support the shoulder as the fabric stretches a bit and it needed to help support the dress. I also cut the sleeve drape a bit looser than photographed as you can see she isnt able to lift her arms up very high. In my opinion what good is a dress you cant dance in? The bodice has no darts only 4 pleats along the top neckline to allow for the bust, the skirt is a basic pencil cut with two darts front and back.

Below are the images that i was sent, i do not know where she found these or who to credit as the designer. If anybody knows please feel free to post in the comments :-)

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